The first run of Certified Agile Leadership – CAL class in Prague is planned on September 14-15, 2017 in English

As I wrote a few days ago I got a license to deliver new CAL – Certified Agile Leadership class certified by Scrum Alliance. The training is focused on building a modern Agile Organization and to support personal growth of Agile leaders, emphasizes the right culture of the self-organization, ownership, and responsibility while keeping safety and trust as a prerequisite. Agile leadership is one of the critical aspects of every successful Agile transformation in any organization.

Zuzi Sochova will facilitate workshop "Agile Leadership to Build Great Teams and Organizations" at Agile Austria Conference 2017

I’m really excited to facilitate my new 1-day Agile Leadership workshop called 'Agile Leadership to Build Great Teams and Organizations' at Agile Austria Conference 2017. Come and join me on 27th June 2017! It’ll be a great day full of fun and concepts how to build modern Agile Organization and grow Agile leaders. The workshop will be in English and is part of the at Agile Austria Conference 2017 in Gratz, Austria. Register here.

Agile Prague 2017 Conference registrations are open

The registrations for the 7th season of Agile Prague conference are already open. The early bird period ends on June 30, 2017 so don’t forget to secure your seat for discounted price. We also offer interesting combo registrations:

Agile Prague 2-days registration plus CSM – Certified ScrumMaster / CSPO – Certified Scrum Product Owner / CAL – Certified Agile Leadership. All classes will be in English.

Training – Agile methods and Scrum process II

Would you like to learn more about Agile methods and Scrum process?

Course provide an overview of Agile methods, Scrum process and Extreme Programming (XP) methods. Learning will be achieved from the discussions between participants and will provide solid knowledge-base for those who are starting agile methods as well as for those who need to improve current process.

Going agile, is not about the technology and particular project specifics, but more about the willingness to accept new ideas, new way of doing things and readiness to change.

Course is designed as an interactive workshop so the participants will directly try the discussed principles. As Agile methods are about the principles which may vary between the companies, teams and projects; the course will cover real case-studies from different business and company cultures as well.


Position: Directors, Team leaders, Project managers, developers, testers - who are using agile in their daily life. Course is great value for those who are already certified Scrum Masters (CSM) and certified Product Owners (CPO).
Capacity: 5 - 12
Time: 2 days, 9am-4pm, 4 blocks wirh 1 hour lunch break.

Learning outcomes

  • Complex knowhow of XP methods and Scrum process to be able to successfully start an agile project
  • Best practices of agile adoption, what went well and what didn't. How to start Scrum process.
  • Directly try agile principles for model situations
  • Discussion and case-studies


  • Introduction. Company culture. Me and agile methods. What is good, what should we improve.
  • Agile methods and Scrum process, Agile Manifesto. How to organize the team, improve efficiency and quality.
  • Team cooperation methods, planning process, estimation.
  • Self-organized team, planning and priority, retrospective, customer involvement.
  • Agile coaching, negotiation process. Agile connection.
  • Planning poker and other estimation methods.
  • Discussion, games and case-studies.

During the course, we can discuss your particular case and let the other participants to help you from their experiences on :

  • chosen methods,
  • parameters of Scrum process,
  • customer involvement,
  • tools.


PDF slides will be available online after the course.

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